Folder Password Expert is a folder encryption program. Folder Password Expert uses an encryption algorithm known as SolWIN, which is a keyed, symmetric iterated block cipher with a highly complex key schedule. The key length is 512 bit. The same algorithm is used for both encryption and decryption, and the algorithm does not change the length of the data.

The algorithm operates on fixed-length groups of bits, called blocks (a block has 32768 bit). This process has several rounds. Each round the data is encrypted using a sub-key derived from the password provided by the user. The set of sub keys is called the key schedule. The advantage of SolWIN is that it provides a good encryption rate in Folder Password Expert. No effective cryptanalysis of the algorithm has been found to date.

Not only the security level of the algorithm but its implementation is also important. For security reasons, Folder Password Expert does not store passwords. When you protect a folder, the password checksum is written to the folder. When you are trying to unprotect the folder, the checksum of the password you entered is compared to the checksum stored in the folder. If they are equal, the folder is decrypted with the password you entered.

The checksum cannot be used to decrypt the folder or to get the password. While this feature rises the security level significantly, it makes it impossible to lock folders automatically with the previously used password  (the password is not stored anywhere on the computer so neither malicious users nor the program itself can get it).

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