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How can I burn a locked folder on a CD/DVD?

First, make sure you use the latest version of Folder Password Expert, which is version known as Folder Password Expert USB. To check the version number, run the program and click on the About button. If you use an earlier version, unlock all folders, uninstall Folder Password Expert and then download Folder Password Expert USB

To burn password-protected folders:

  1. Close Folder Password Expert USB if it is running.
  2. Click the Start button in the lower left corner of your screen and select Programs > Folder Password Expert USB > Folder Password Expert USB Settings.
  3. Select the "Let me burn password-protected folders to CD/DVD" check box and click the Close button.
  4. Burn password-protected folders to a CD/DVD with your CD/DVD-recording software.

To open the locked folders, copy them from the CD/DVD to the internal drive and then double-click each of them in the right pane of Windows Explorer on a computer installed with Folder Password Expert USB.

How do I protect a network folder or a folder located on a server?

Folder Password Expert USB can protect folders over the network:

You do not need to install Folder Password Expert USB on the server; install it on your local workstations. Before installing Folder Password Expert USB, unlock all folders and uninstall the previous version of Folder Password Expert.

When you protect a folder over the network, you can access the folder from any computer in the network that has Folder Password Expert installed (you will be prompted for a password when trying to access the folder).

If you protect a folder on your internal hard drive, the folder is copy-protected and cannot be accessed over the network. If you want to let network users access your folder, turn copy-protection off on your computer.

To turn copy-protection off:
1. Close Folder Password Expert if it is running.
2. Click the Start button in the lower left corner of your screen.
3. Select Programs > Folder Password Expert USB > Folder Password Expert USB Settings.
4. Check "Let me unlock protected folders over the network".
5. Click Close.

After that you can access protected folders over the network. Please note: when the folder is unprotected, it does not differ from other folders on your computer and other users can access it.

I lost my password. Can you help me retrieve it?

Passwords are not recoverable once lost. Folder Password Expert does not send your passwords to us. There is no way to unlock the folder without the password.

Can I use the unlock code instead of the password to open locked folders?

The unlock code is a sequence of characters used to convert the trial version of Folder Password Expert into a full version. It cannot unprotect folders as it is not the password.

When the trial period is over, how can I unlock my folder?

Double-click the locked folder in the right pane of Windows Explorer and enter the password.

My folder exceeds 4 GB and I cannot lock it. What is wrong?

You use the FAT file system, which does not allow Folder Password Expert to lock folders exceeding 4 GB. The solution is to reformat your drive in NTFS. Note: on the NTFS file system you can lock folders exceeding 4 GB in size but each file in the folder must be smaller than 4 GB.

How do I remove the option that offers to password protect folders with a right-click in Windows Explorer views?

To remove the Lock This Folder option from the right-click menu, download the norightclick.zip file. It contains a REG file. All you need to do it to double-click the REG file and then click Yes when asked for confirmation.

You still can protect folders after removing the right-click option. To run Folder Password Expert use the Start menu (Start > Programs > Folder Password Expert > Folder Password Expert) or double-lick the folder-password.exe file in the installation directory (by default, it is Program Files > Folder Password Expert).

To restore the right-click option, reinstall Folder Password Expert.