Folder Password Expert

"Face it - we live in a world with a bunch of nosy people, but now you can have a sense of security with your personal data."

Folder lockout utility: Always on the go? Have pesky family members? Whatever the situation is, people are going to be curious and want to look at your files, and there's not much you can do (as far as protection) with the current Windows security if you haven't logged out. Folder Password Expert does exactly what the title implies. It's as easy as choosing a folder to protect & creating a password!

As opposed to other software, Folder Password Expert will not allow access to the locked folders in Windows Safe mode or DOS. One warning, though: protecting executables could be volatile. If other programs are using them, you may not be able to decrypt. A great scenario for this using this software is on a laptop. What if you travel a lot and you mistakenly leave the laptop behind on the train or in the cab? Your chosen passwords are not stored anywhere within the Windows Registry where they could be found. Locked files cannot be copied or modified in any way - nor can they be deleted - so make sure you remember the password.

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Reviewer: Lockergnome - Technology Newsletters