ZQS Software is an American multinational company that develops and markets security software for the Windows operating system.

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Software to Password Protect and Lock Folders

Ensure that there is no way for unauthorized people to access private information on your computer. To password protect a folder, install Folder Password Expert, right-click the folder in the right pane of Windows Explorer and select the Lock This Folder option from the pop-up menu. When you enter the password, the folder is locked.

To password protect several folders with a single password, use the built-in wizard:

  1. Run Folder Password Expert.
  2. Click Next to skip the intro screen.
  3. Select the Lock Folders option.
  4. Click the Add button to add folders to the list.
  5. Enter your password.

All the folders you add to the list are protected with the same password. If you wish to protect folders with different passwords, you need to run Folder Password Expert twice adding each time only one folder to the list and then entering its unique password. You see protecting folders is easy.

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