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"...Folders remain protected should the PC be rebooted into Windows Safe Mode or DOS..."

The verdict: A cost-effective solution to the problem of shared computer use.

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"...People are going to be curious and want to look at your files, and there's not much you can do (as far as protection) with the current Windows security if you haven't logged out. Folder Password Expert does exactly what the title implies. It's as easy as choosing a folder to protect & creating a password!"

"...As opposed to other software, Folder Password Expert will not allow access to the locked folders in Windows Safe mode or DOS."

"...A great scenario for this using this software is on a laptop. What if you travel a lot and you mistakenly leave the laptop behind on the train or in the cab?"

The verdict: Now you can have a sense of security with your personal data. Read the full review...

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"This program claims that your folders are 100% secure from someone trying to access these documents and I have tested this claim by putting a few files into a folder and trying to open them with their specific program. Word and WMP could not find the folder that the files were stored in. I have also found that the command prompt also failed to find the folder on the hard drive."

The verdict: I was pretty amazed at how simple and easy it was to lock and unlock folders. Similar programs might not offer the ease and simple interface that Folder Password Expert does."

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Attempting to access the Locked folder directly through Explorer prompted me for a password. I purposely entered the wrong password and FPE did not grant me access to the folder. (Correct)... Attempting to access the folder under the Administrator account also prompted me for a password. (Correct)

Conclusion: I still wasn't able to find a way to permeate Folder Password Expert's locking mechanism... This program is extremely robust and comes highly recommend for anyone wishing to maintain a level of security. In short: Folder Password Expert is a 'must have' utility! Read the full review...