Folder Password Expert USB (Version - Major Update

  • Install the program on your USB external or removable drive and protect/unprotect folders on the drive without installing the program on the PC your drive is plugged into. You can protect folders on the internal drive as well as on the external drive.
  • Back up protected folders.
  • Burn protected folders on a CD or DVD.

Please refer the program Help file for more information on using the new features.

Note: Do not forget to unlock all folders and uninstall the previous version before installing Folder Password Expert USB. Always use one version of the program for all your folders.

To download version, click here: folder-password-usb.exe (924 KB)

Folder Password Expert 2.1 - Minor Update

  • New browse dialog box that can be resized. This dialog box has several new capabilities including: drag and drop capability, reordering, shortcut menus, delete, and other shortcut menu commands.

To download version 2.1, click here: Folder Password Expert

Folder Password Expert 2.0 - Major Update

What's new in this version:

  • Ability to lock folders located on external and removable drives
  • Support for Windows XP style
  • Ability to restore damaged folders
  • Verification that the folder was locked correctly

Folder Password Expert 1.1 - Update

What's new in this version:

  • Stronger algorithm implemented
  • Speed increased
  • New installer version used
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • Various user interface improvements

Important: Folder Password Expert 1.1 uses a stronger algorithm to protect your data. Unfortunately, this makes version 1.1 incompatible with folders locked with version 1.0. Please unlock all the protected folders before installing the updated version.

Folder Password Expert 1.0 - Initial Release

To download version 1.0, contact us at